1. Surgery
    …or maybe an autopsy


  2. Lindsey

    Nikon D3 | 70-200mm

  3. gravitysleeps:

    Hey folks, check out the premiere of Timeflies new vid feat. Katie Sky for their track “Monsters” off their upcoming album After Hours.

    Perez Hilton has coined the term “bropop" to describe ‘em.  Huh!

    Directed by yours truly, produced by Carrie White and Factory Studios, shot by Andres Cardona, post effects via Jason Forster and co.

    Thanks to the whole team.

    34k views in 17 hours, let’s keep it rolling!

    Excellent work from Wes & Gravity Sleeps

  5. Beauty.

    the troll gets it.


    good song, good vid, great company. mike mezzina may recall our cardboard robot rampage concept.

  6. Lindsey

    Kiev 88 | 80/2.8 | Fuji Provia 100f

  7. Maya

    My cousin. Funniest gal I know.

    Kiev 88 | 80/2.8 | Kodak Portra 160

  8. Little Sis

    Kiev 88 | 80/2.8 | Kodak Portra 160

  9. Carnival, Florida

    Found some old 120 negs taken a few years ago which I had never scanned.  

    Kiev 88 | 80/2.8 | Portra 160

  10. Nowhere Fast