1. Caged David

    With sunlight like this spilling onto the office stairs, we couldn’t help stealing a couple moody shots on the side during our shoot with Fold today. 

  5. (Source: donnajosh, via perscitia)

  6. My profile in the International Cinematographers’ Guild magazine. I am so thankful to the excellent cast and crew of Saerto Ena for getting me here.

  7. Han Shot First.

    I often say that I don’t like to, or necessarily approve of, revisiting and reworking old pieces. To me it somewhat dulls that work’s place as a document of it’s time, as a marker of where one was as an artist when it was created. 

    Also, I lie. 

    Kind of a lot.

  8. Daytime Disco with the Shadowboxers at Atlantic Station

  9. "This is going to take a crackerjack timing, Wang…"

  10. Sidecars are terrifawesome